Hi! I’m Donna, and I understand exactly what you’re going through.

As a mother who has experienced the heartache of loving a child in active addiction, whether it's alcohol, prescribed medications, or street drugs, I know the pain and challenges you face. I provide private support sessions for concerned parents and family members who have a teen, adult child struggling with addiction.

I’ve seen firsthand how addiction can tear families apart, but I also know that recovery is possible. Let’s navigate this journey together and find hope and healing for you and your family.

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when it's time to say enough

How addiction affects the family

"Addiction is a family disease." It affects parents and family members in countless ways, extending far beyond the individual struggling with a substance use disorder. The impact ripples through the entire family unit, causing pain, betrayal, and heartache.

When you’ve been hurt, lied to, and stolen from enough, you reach a breaking point. You know it's time to make positive changes and reclaim your life. As a mother who has walked this path, I offer private support sessions to guide and empower parents and family members. Together, we’ll navigate the challenges and develop better coping skills to remove your fear-based thinking and restore your hope.


you are not alone

Is this you?

Do you love...

a teen or adult child who is in active addiction (alcohol, prescribed medications, street drugs)?

Are you feeling emotionally Bankrupt?

because your loved ones addiction is sucking the life out of you?

Do you question...

yourself about the what ifs, the could haves and should haves?

Do you feel like... 

the fear of losing your child to his or her addiction is holding your emotions hostage?

Do you have... 

a voice in your head that keeps you awake at night telling you that you are a lousy parent and it's all your fault that your child is addicted?


How Donna can help

Coaching Sessions

Transform Your Journey with Donna

Donna's programs, workshops, and private coaching sessions are expertly designed to provide support and guidance to concerned parents and family members. She guides them through the challenges of their loved ones' active addiction and early recovery, focusing on rebuilding healthier family relationships even when the loved one is still struggling.

Donna believes that treating only the person with the substance use disorder without addressing the whole family leaves the cycle of change and recovery incomplete. By including parents, partners, spouses, siblings, and adult children, her approach fosters positive changes within the entire family. These changes contribute to better outcomes and encourage positive growth and recovery for everyone involved.

Join Donna in her workshops, public speaking engagements, or private coaching sessions to cultivate understanding and resilience in your family. Embark on a journey of renewal, holding steadfast to your faith and hope.


Support for Families with Loved Ones in Active Addiction!

  • Peeling the Onion

    Donna is a mother who knows what it feels like to love a child in active addiction. “As I worked through my pain and stopped participating in the drama, I embarked upon a journey of healing and transforming myself, because I stepped outside of my comfort zone to educate myself about addiction, unhealthy helping, healing boundaries and recovery”. The purpose of this book is to save parents and other family members years of heartache.

    Learn More 
  • Just for Today

    Just for Today offers 365 days of powerful words of encouragement, reflections along with words of wisdom to encourage parents to hold onto their hope while they are on an emotional rollercoaster ride due to their child's battle with addiction.

    This powerful book provides insight into addiction, unhealthy helping, healing and recovery.

    Learn More 
  • Sharing Without Shame

    Sharing Without Shame is a book that presents stories from parents and individuals in recovery. Filled with valuable information, this resource assists concerned parents and family members in developing improved coping skills. Offering a sense of solidarity, it reassures you that you are not alone in the process of loving a child or family member grappling with active addiction or early recovery.

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  • Healing without Shame

    "Healing Without Shame" is a journal that is geared to help you identify emotions that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy feelings and behaviors. The journal holds the potential to transform the lives of individuals navigating the complexities of addiction within their families. The practical exercises in the journal, provide a roadmap for healing, self-discovery, and emotional growth.

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I bust open myths like these and give you the real truth....

Fiction: Parents and family members don't need to seek support or a recovery program

Fiction: You cannot love your child, loved one when they are in active addiction, alcoholism

Fiction: People who are addicted are weak and have no will power

Fiction: Addiction is not a brain disease

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