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60 Minute Private Session with Donna

60 Minute Private Session with Donna

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During a 60-minute private session with Donna, you will have the opportunity to learn several valuable insights and techniques related to dealing with your loved ones active addiction and fostering healthier relationships.

( Zoom call or In-Person)

The session will cover the following topics:

  1. How to respond to your  loved one rather than react to them when they are in active addiction: Donna will provide guidance on understanding the importance of mindful responses instead of impulsive reactions when interacting with addicted loved ones. Participants will learn strategies to cultivate empathy, effective communication, and boundary-setting in order to navigate challenging situations with greater calm and clarity.
  2. How to free your mind from the bondage of the what ifs, could haves, and should haves: Donna will share techniques for letting go of anxiety, blame, guilt, and shame and creating stories in your head that you tend to believe, but they aren't actually true. Participants will learn cognitive reframing methods to release the mental burden of dwelling on what could have been, should have been to focus on the present and future.
  3. How to have a healthier relationship with your loved one when they are active addiction : Donna will provide insights into understanding the dynamics of addiction and its impact on relationships within the family. Participants will gain strategies for setting healthy boundaries, practicing self-care, and supporting their loved ones without enabling or becoming codependent. They will also learn effective communication skills and methods for offering non-judgmental support.
  4. How to stop being your loved one's Unhealthy Helper: Donna will discuss the concept of the "Unhealthy Helper", she will help participants recognize enabling behavior that unintentionally perpetuates the Cycle of Addiction. Through self-reflection exercises and practical tips, participants will learn how to break free from enabling patterns, promote personal growth and accountability, and encourage their loved one to seek professional help.
  5. The Cycle of Addiction: Donna will explain the different cycles of addiction, while demonstrating how the person in active addictions behavior and the family members behavior mimic each other. 
  6. The Stages of Change: Donna will explore the stages of change individuals typically experience when they are in active addiction. Participants will learn about the pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance stages, as well as the challenges and opportunities associated with each. This understanding will help participants tailor their support to their loved ones' specific stage of change and encourage progress towards recovery.
  7. The Stages of Recovery: Donna will provide an overview of the different stages individuals go through during their recovery process. Participants will learn about P.A.W.S. in early recovery, maintaining sobriety, and achieving long-term recovery. They will gain insights into the potential obstacles, triggers, reoccurrence's and strategies for maintaining motivation and resilience. Understanding these stages will show how participants should have a crisis plan in place, how a living agreement if the person in early recovery lives with them can be beneficial, while providing resources for everyone involved.
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