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30 Minute Private Session with Donna

30 Minute Private Session with Donna

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During your 30-minute private session with Donna, you will learn valuable insights and techniques that can help you navigate the challenges of dealing with your loved one who is in active addiction.

( Zoom call or In-Person)

What you can expect to learn:

  1. How to respond to your addicted loved one rather than react to them: Donna will guide you on effective communication strategies and teach you how to handle difficult situations with your loved one without falling into reactive patterns. You will gain tools to respond calmly, compassionately, and assertively, fostering healthier interactions.
  2. Freeing your mind from the bondage of the what ifs, could haves, and should haves: Donna will help you overcome the burden of guilt, shame,  regret, and excessive worry that often accompany having an addicted loved one. You will learn to let go of unproductive thoughts and focus on the present moment, promoting personal growth and emotional well-being.
  3. Developing a healthier relationship with your addicted loved one during active addiction or alcoholism: Donna will share strategies for establishing healthier boundaries, fostering understanding, and maintaining your own well-being while supporting your loved one. You will gain insight into the dynamics of addiction and learn practical approaches to promote positive change within the relationship.
  4. Ending enabling behaviors in your loved one's active addiction or alcoholism: Donna will educate you on enabling behaviors and provide guidance on how to break free from them. You will learn the importance of setting healthy boundaries while practicing unconditional love, and offering support without enabling destructive behaviors.
  5. The 12-Step Process for Co-dependency: Donna will outline the principles and steps of the renowned 12-Step Process for Co-dependency. You will gain an understanding of co-dependency patterns, learn to recognize their impact on your life, and explore strategies for personal growth and breaking free from codependent behaviors.



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