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When You Know Better, You Do Better

When You Know Better, You Do Better

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When You Know Better, You Do Better

Individual or Group Bookings

Enroll in our 45-minute on-line workshop that touches on information you need to know while navigating addiction in your family.

Facilitated by Donna Marston, Author, CRSW

What you should expect to learn and more:

  1. Addiction in My Family:  Donna shares how her son's addiction affected her and her family.  The workshop touches on essential information to help you navigate the challenges ahead, while providing some insight into the roles that family members often take on.
  2. Cycle of Addiction: Donna shares how the Cycle of Addiction affects the person who is in active addiction and the people who love them.
  3. Stages of Change: Leave the workshop feeling empowered and equipped because you will leave with knowledge of how the Stages of Change affect you and your loved one. 
  4. Addiction to Recovery:  Donna explains how addiction to recovery isn't a straight line!  Many people think that when their loved one goes off to treatment, they're mordaciously healed, when in fact, not many people are one and done!  
  5. Individual and Group Bookings: Whether you prefer to attend individually or as part of a group, the workshop offers the flexibility to accommodate both. You can choose the booking option that best suits your needs, allowing for personalized attention or the opportunity to engage with others in a shared learning experience.
  6. Inspiring Hope and Motivation: Discover a renewed sense of hope and motivation throughout the workshop as you realize the profound truth of "When You Know Better, You Do Better." Embrace the empowering message that positive change is possible. Feel inspired to take proactive steps towards creating a healthier and happier family dynamic.
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