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Journaling for Healing Workshops ( 4 x 60 minutes)

Journaling for Healing Workshops ( 4 x 60 minutes)

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Journaling for Healing is designed to help you identify where you maybe emotionally stuck while encouraging  you to live life on your terms!

The Journaling for Healing workshops consist of four sessions, each lasting 60 minutes. The purpose of these workshops is to gently guide participants through a process where they may begin to tap into their emotional childhood & adult pain. Journaling is an effective way to express emotions that are good and not so good.

During the workshops, participants will combine journaling with art (drawing, painting or cutting out images/quotes),  This process encourages participants to take a look at their emotional pain so they can begin to identify where they may be stuck emotionally.  The workshops aim to create an environment where participants feel safe while giving themselves permission to accept their imperfections, embrace their authentic self without blame, guilt or shame!

One significant aspect of the workshops is the exploration of the inner child. Participants will be encouraged to connect with their inner child, tapping into their innocence, curiosity, and unsettling events . By doing this work, participants may begin to unpack old stories they keep telling themselves.

Overall, the Journaling for Healing workshops provide a supportive space for individuals to engage in introspection, self-reflection, and self-expression. The ultimate goal is to facilitate personal growth, emotional healing, and self-acceptance.

Facilitated via zoom or in person by Donna Marston, Author & CRSW

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