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Rebuilding the Family Workshop

Rebuilding the Family Workshop

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Rebuilding The Family is a 3 hour workshop on Zoom for people who work in the field of addiction, treatment, prevention and recovery. 

                                      Facilitated by Donna Marston, Author, CRSW

In the "Rebuilding The Family" workshop, participants who work in the field of addiction, treatment, prevention, and recovery can expect to gain valuable knowledge and insights into the experiences and emotions faced by parents and other family members when their loved ones are in active addiction. The workshop, conducted over a 3-hour duration on Zoom, covers various subjects that aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of addiction's impact on families and explore strategies for healing. Here's what participants can expect to learn and experience: 

  1. The Cycle of Addiction and The Drama Triangle: Participants will delve into the cycle of addiction, gaining insights into its different stages and understanding the dynamics within the family system. They will also explore the Drama Triangle, a social model that highlights the roles of victim, persecutor, and rescuer commonly seen in dysfunctional family dynamics related to addiction.
  2. Compassion Fatigue & PTSD: The workshop addresses the issue of compassion fatigue and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) experienced by family members who are involved in supporting their loved ones through addiction. Participants will learn about the signs, symptoms, and self-care strategies to prevent and manage these challenges.
  3. Changing the Rock Bottom Myth to a Healthier Perspective: This segment challenges the concept of "rock bottom" often associated with addiction and proposes a healthier perspective. Participants will explore alternative approaches that focus on interventions and support at various stages of addiction, emphasizing the importance of early intervention and prevention.
  4. Identifying the impact of the 9 Family Roles: The workshop delves into the nine common family roles that emerge when a loved one is struggling with addiction. Participants will learn to identify these roles, and understand their impact on family dynamics and recovery.
  5. Approaches to the Healing Process: The workshop provides insights into various approaches to the healing process for families affected by addiction. Participants will explore evidence-based practices, therapeutic interventions, and practical strategies for supporting and promoting recovery within the family unit. This section may cover topics such as family therapy, communication skills, setting healthy boundaries, and fostering resilience.

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