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Sharing With Out Shame

Sharing Without Shame Series

Sharing Without Shame Series

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The Sharing Without Shame Series is a very in-depth, interactive workshop that consist of 3 sessions, each lasting 2-3 hours for up to 10 participants.

Session 1: Is jam packed with information that will have you wanting to learn more and more.  You be provided with information about what Addiction actually is.  You will learn how it is is characterized by certain behaviors, how when a substance is used long enough that it changes the brain chemistry.  You will learn about the different stages of Addictive Behavior along with the Stages of Progression when a person is active in their addiction.  Donna will explain the difference between a Dysfunctional Family versus Functional Family and  her most wanted list of Codependents.  Donna will explain how she lived in the drama triangle for more years than she should of  and how she pinged around the triangle going from being her sons rescuer, the victim and sometimes the persecutor. You will also learn how using kinder language is much less painful than shaming language.

Session 2: Is an in-depth look into Enabling vs. Helping and how your loved one's addiction isn't about you!  This session is geared to offer you a better understanding of the Stages of Change, Stages of Recovery and the Stages of Relapse - how it is emotional, mental and physical.  You will learn how to create a Recovery Crisis Plan and you will learn the difference between healing boundaries and unhealthy boundaries.

Session 3: Is all about you and your recovery, you will learn how to create your own safe space, how to hold onto your hope, while letting go of unfulfilled dreams. You will learn about acceptance, compassion and empathy.  Donna will discuss the miracles of recovery.  

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